Strawberry Inch Loss Pricing

For your body

Pain free noninvasive inch loss

Choose from A or B for areas of Inch loss

A. Abdomen- both upper and lower is one area

Strawberry Laser Lipo BloNo 25% off
B. Pick any 2 of the following to be considered an area:


Arms HipsBack Chest Thighs
Knees Calves Buttocks Ankles Elbows

8 sessions required for cumulative results per area

Sessions scheduled 1-2 times per week

8 sessions for one area:  $1600 ($200 visit)

1 touch up session:  $300 ($300 visit)

*Annual Membership:  $5000 ($125 visit)

* Annual members may use up to 40 sessionsin one year.

*EFT option for Annual membership. $900 up front and $900/month EFT for 5 months ($135 visit)

The membership is best if you have more than 2 sizes to lose or have several trouble areas

Strawberry Lift Pricing

For your face


Lower face laser lift for shrinking,
lifting, tightening and sculpting

Areas to choose from:

Double Chin Jaw Definition
Cheek contouring
Skin Tightening Neck


1 Session:  $275

2 Sessions:  $500 ($250 Each)

3 Sessions:  $675 ($225 Each)

4 Sessions:  $800 ($200 Each)



One area typically requires 1-4 sessions.

Sessions scheduled 1-2 weeks apart 



To book your appointment visit
Strawberry is located inside The Ultimate Tan- 503 N Prospect Rd, Bloomington